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Lycopene: Osteoporosis Natural Treatment

The antioxidant found in tomatoes known as lycopene helps to prevent osteoporosis and bone loss. learn about the connection of tomato intake to bone health


What is Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a bone disease that happens when the body makes too little bone, loses too much bone or both situations occur at the same time. As a result, the bones in the body may break and become weak. A healthy bone has small holes in it like a honeycomb, however when Osteoporosis happens, those holes become much larger and they lose their density. When you have osteoporosis, the body creates abnormal tissue structures, and along with the fragile bones, leads to complications. It’s a health issue that can sneak up on you because we don’t have the ability to feel our bones getting weaker. If you’ve broken a bone recently or if the upper portion of your back is curving forward, it’s important to talk to your doctor about getting a bone density test.


Oxidative stress, Osteoporosis and Lycopene

Oxidative stress is caused by an imbalance of free radicals and it’s one of the main causes of numerous diseases and osteoporosis. The good news is the antioxidant found in tomatoes known as lycopene helps to prevent osteoporosis and bone loss that’s due to oxidative stress. This is another reason to eat your veggies, folks! Especially those juicy red tomatoes that you eyeball in the food store or at your farmers market. It’s fascinating when we take a deeper look into the role of nutrition in our health.


What foods help prevent osteoporosis?

Many of us aren’t taught the connection between food and our health and we certainly aren’t taught how antioxidants help prevent disease and health issues from manifesting in the first place. The majority of us don’t even know why veggies and fruits are good for us- that’s something most of my clients can’t answer. Can you? The answer is because these whole, one-ingredient fresh foods are full of nutrients and antioxidants that our bodies need to stay healthy. Our cells need them, our gut bacteria needs them, our organs need them. Without these building blocks, our body can’t do its job, which is to keep you healthy.

Lycopene and tomatoes as treatment for osteoporosis

So, since we’re on the subject of Osteoporosis today, I’m going to share a few ways for you to reap the benefits of tomatoes in your meals and snacks so that you can soak up the lycopene for your body to enjoy all year long- even if you don’t have tomato plants growing in your garden. Cook these tomatoes until they’re tender and warm. Then, add these cooked tomatoes to salads, stir-fries, soups, pasta and sandwiches. 

Roast large Beefsteak tomatoes in your oven with extra-virgin olive oil, sea salt and pepper.

Sauté grape tomatoes in your skillet on your stovetop with avocado oil, fresh basil, sea salt and pepper.

Steam tomatoes in a large pot with vegetable broth, sea salt and pepper on your stove top.

Poach cherry tomatoes in chicken broth, sea salt and pepper in your oven.




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